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Holocene is a brand new chat-based community connecting you to a world of travelers and creative individuals to help you meet up anywhere & explore further. We believe the best experience of life is embracing your curiosity to find creativity and connection and that travel can be more than an escape but a vehicle for inspiration, clarity and even healing. If you want to travel more and find yourself hungry for a change in life, then Holocene is for you. We’re breaking down the roadblocks. Are you waiting on friends or a partner, hesitant to travel alone, struggling with finding time or affording the trip, stuck in a career or lifestyle you don’t love, or creatively unfulfilled at the end of the day? We’re having these conversations and more.

Space is limited and membership is exclusive. We only open up a few hundred slots every few months and using just one of our airfare deals can save you far more than the cost of membership.

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