Stay a Night, Give a Night

Donate your space to socially conscious travelers to help families experiencing homelessness

A Benefit For

Local Supporters


Horizon's "Stay a Night, Give a Night" campaign allocates tourism dollars otherwise spent on expensive hotels or vacation rentals to help those who need it most: families and children experiencing homelessness. Mary’s Place can provide a child with one night of food, shelter, and stability for just $14. Stay with a Seattleite during your visit to Seattle, and as a thanks for their generous hospitality, fund one night's shelter for a homeless child. In Seattle alone, an estimated 1,200 kids sleep outside every night. Mary's Place has a proven record of empowering homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter and resources.

For travelers, there's a clear win: cost savings compared to a vacation rental or hotel, in addition to experiencing Seattle with the help of a local.

How It Works: Hosts

  1. Sign up as a host.
  2. We'll send an email with dates and traveler details (including name and reason for visit) for relevant hosting opportunities.
  3. Respond if you are available and interested in hosting that traveler on the requested dates.
  4. We'll connect you with the traveler.

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