Costs and Fees

After completing a stay with Horizon, you have the option to make a donation in lieu of the typical house gift. We believe that donating to a great cause on your host’s behalf is more impactful to the world than a bottle of wine or case of beer is to your host. We hope you agree!

Although we would like 100% of these donations to go to non profit organizations, there are some costs which we cannot get around:

  • Credit Card Processing Fees (powered by Stripe) - 2.9% + $0.30. This is the standard transaction fee that card processors charge any organization which accepts Debit or Credit Cards. The same fees apply to donations made using Paypal to [email protected]
  • Horizon Service Fee of $3.99 - Horizon is a for profit organization focused on unlocking travel opportunities & raising money for great causes. This fee goes toward paying our team and keeping the lights on.

While these fees may seem high, they are actually less than the 15% - 30% costs that a charity typically incurs to bring in donations.

Contact us for details