Travel by Giving - For Those Who Seek to Make a Difference While Traveling

Travel by Giving - For Those Who Seek to Make a Difference While Traveling

Do you believe making a difference in the world matters? Those who have traveled and seen poverty with your own eyes, know travel is a privilege the majority of the world does not have. Those of us privileged enough to experience the world, should do our part to giveback to others to help level the playing field.

House gifts are great, but I think we all know none of us “need” traditional house gifts. Sure, it’s great to get a bottle of wine, a nice meal, or some sort of food from a far off destination (for instance, we received chocolate from Germany when Jochen arrived in Santiago). That money could be much better spent helping those truly in need, rather than to add a few more luxuries to our already luxurious lives.

Horizon is all about bringing those with a shared passion, affinity, or experience together in the physical world. If #travelbygiving resonates with you, you may join the community on Horizon using the following unlock code:


What does being a member mean?

You’re keen to meet others who share your same values, and offer those who come to your town hospitality (schedule permitting of course), and willing to both leave a small donation when you stay with someone as well as ask those who stay with you to make one. How much? We began testing our donation model while living in Santiago going through Start-Up Chile. We found the average donation was $7 per night; the cost of a coffee and scone at Starbucks. That seems fairly resonable, $21 for a 3 night stay (far cheaper than a hostel or AirBnB).

Donations currently benefit, an organization I’ve personally supported for a number of years.

Over time, we’ll expand the available charities to donate to.

Those who have done it, know there’s something therapeutic about giving. There’s also something therapeutic about traveling. Both are good for the soul. Now, you can do them both at the same time.

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**Note 2: We recently shared a few other unlock codes.

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